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We offer over 30 customised team building activities designed to motivate and inspire.

About Effervescents Team Building

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Benefits of Team Building

A team building is a great way to ignite your team and we will take care of every element for you. Our team building activities fall into two categories, fun or outcome based.

  • Increase productivity

  • Improve communication

  • Motivation

  • Probelm solving

  • Fun

We Choose Us For Your Team Building?


EfferVescENTS will customize any aspect of your event to suit your needs.

Country Wide

EfferVescENTS operates Nationwide and has offices in Cape Town and Johannesburg with mobile office access in Durban and PE.

Skilled Staff

We have 24 skilled event staff that will handle every element of your event in a professional and passionate. Our staff skills range from event management, catering, team building specialists, photographers, videographer, designers, developers and event assistants.

Something For Everyone

EfferVescENTS will cover every aspect of your event. We will manage any event from 1 to 10 000 people. We can cover all event needs from our inhouse product offering which ranges from event technology, RSVP management, communication, catering, decor and furniture, logistics, accommodation and design and conceptualisation.

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Popular Team Building Activities

Red cocktail on a table

Cocktail Olympics

Participants will be split into teams. Each team will get a separate work station, a full set of cocktail equipment & ingredients. Participants are educated on the various cocktail making methods which include; layering, blending, pouring, shaking, stirring. They are given techniques on how to garnish their cocktails and the general guidelines to the creation of a mouth-watering cocktail.

They will be instructed to make 4 classic cocktails from original recipes and a 5th signature cocktail of their own creation. Judges will be walking around and scoring on Team Work, Technique, Presentation, Creativity and the most importantly, taste. For their final signature cocktail – each team will need to name it, and sell its uniqueness to the judges.

Drone Racing

Take your team to the next level with the Team Tactics drone academy. Since companies started testing drones as a method of delivery of goods, the world has been a buzz with the endless opportunities drones can create. The fascination with drones as a hobby has skyrocketed in recent years with the addition of professional drone competitions taking place across the globe.

This is now your chance to experience what makes drone racing so popular, with the chance to build and race drones against your colleagues. Teams will visit 5 drone zones ranging from learning how to build a drone to our interactive Flight School. Our drone experts will be on hand to teach guests the basic controls of drone handling to ensure you are ready for the daring drone race!

3 glasses of wine

Wine Blending

A team build for the wine fans! Get your creative juices flowing as you blend your own custom-made wines.The group will be separated into different teams, who will have to create, blend, cork, bottle, label and name their own blend and then present their unique vintage wine to the judges, motivating why their wine deserves its place in the John Platter Wine Guide. It’s all about passion, team work, a good palate and of course, enjoying some great wine.

Steak on the braai

Beer and Braai

The South African way. Sit back and relax while we braai your meat for you (unless you have some die-hards who insist on braaing themselves – in which case they’re welcome to the tongs).

We’ll pair and serve various traditional braai dishes OR a variety of gourmet handmade organic burgers with a variety of local craft beers. Perfect for a relaxed chilled Team Build.

Setup Your Team Building

Some Of Our Team Building Options

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